You know what it's like. People everywhere at your expo, conference, launch, party or event - but they're rushing somewhere else. Unwilling to slow down or make eye contact in case your sales team jumps them.

So how do you get an intelligent conversation started?

Mindball can do that for you.

It's so out-of-the-ordinary, genuinely thought-provoking, that people will come to you - and start talking.

First off it's a game - so it's fun. Non-threatening. A game where two people try and score goals by thinking - the more they focus and relax, the more likely they are to score a goal. So it's very different - something these busy, rushing people have probably never seen before - and they're intrigued.

And if your branding, solution, new product, CEO, whatever, has anything to say about intelligence, smart thinking, focus, calm - then Mindball is going to be on-message for you.

In our experience you will always have a crowd waiting to take part. Asking you questions. Then they'll bring their colleagues over to try it as well...

With prices from just £195* we think we have the answer to your need.

Want to find out more? Visit our rental page now to find out how to check availability and make a reservation.

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*£195 plus VAT per day introductory rate for new customers.