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See Mindball at Confex 2012 - ExCel London (Stand P547) 6-8 March 2012 If you would like to see Mindball for yourself then come along to Confex 2012 at ExCel London. We will be on Stand P547 in the "Something Special" area. We look forward to welcoming you at this event and to showing you how Mindball can help attract visitors to your event or conference.


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News & Events

Could schools struggling to improve GCSE scores help their students with 'mental toughness' training? July 2009 The Guardian reports on a project led by the University of Hull to see if pupils in Merseyside can boost their grades by bolstering their mental toughness.


BBC chooses Mindball for Brainjitsu February 2008 CBBC, the children's arm of the BBC, chooses Mindball for the "black belt" decider in its amazing series Brainjitsu.


Enfield students learn to concentrate with “brain football” May 2007 Enfield students and teachers are the first in the world to use Mindball to improve their concentration and relaxation skills.


What is Mindball?

Imagine a game where you score goals by thinking. That’s Mindball - a game so amazing that you will always have a crowd waiting to take part, making it ideal for events, exhibitions and as an ice-breaker.

Mindball is a unique technology that monitors your powers of relaxation and concentration and moves the ball to or from the goals. It is hugely popular and makes an exciting addition to your event, conference or party. It is also ideal for use in the classroom to improve behaviour and concentration, in sports training, in business or simply to have fun.

In Mindball the more you relax, the better you do. It's a great way to learn about the power we have over stress.

Mindball is available in the two (or more)-player Mindball Game version or as the single-person Mindball Trainer. Mindball Game is available to rent by the day or with our special 7-day package.

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The power of mind over matter


Mindball Game is an extraordinary demonstration of the power we have over our thoughts. Two (or more) players compete to control the ball by becoming more relaxed and more focussed. The better they do, the more likely they are to score a "goal".

The way it works is that the Mindball headbands record the level of Alpha and Theta waves being produced by each player. These waves have been demonstrated by scientists to correspond to focus, relaxation and creativity.

The player who can gain more control over her or his Alpha and Theta waves, wins the game. Most players find that the feedback from the game enables them to control their thoughts to an extent that amazes them.

Learn how to deal with stress and to stay on-focus


Mindball Trainer is a new neurofeedback device that teaches how to cope with stress at work, at school and in the home, and how to perform better under pressure. It shows how to recognise the signs of tension and teaches how to switch to a relaxed, focussed state of mind using mind power alone.

A study conducted by London's prestigious Imperial College demonstrated that EEG feedback can improve academic performance and creativity.

Once basic relaxation has been grasped, the user can increase the sensitivity level to achieve even higher states of relaxation and concentration.

Mindball Trainer is ideal for schools, health clubs, corporate performance improvement, medical and workplace stress reduction programmes, etc. It works on the same principles as the famous Mindball Game. As the user relaxes, the ball moves from its starting position towards a goal, providing instant neurofeedback on his or her state of mind.